Non-collective sewage treatment

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What is non-collective sewage treatment

Non-collective sewage treatment takes place in an "autonomous" treatment system, not connected to a public network.

In many cases it consists of the autonomous sewage treatment of an apartment building.

If the system is properly designed, constructed and maintained, it can contribute to sewage treatment and the protection of the environment, in the same way as the collective sewage treatment system.

The Water Law dated 3 January 1992 has made this system compulsory.

It also made town councils responsible for expenditure on controlling these private facilities, whether they are located in areas defined as being non-collective sewage treatment areas or collective sewage treatment areas not yet linked to the sewage treatment network.

The breakdown of Vannes into sewage treatment areas was established by a municipal order on 22 December 2003.

To meet this requirement, Vannes town council set up a Public non-collective sewage treatment service on 16 December 2005 known as the SPANC.

The tasks of the SPANC non-collective sewage treatment service

This new service, that has been carrying out its tasks since the 1st January 2006, is run by Vannes town council's water and sewage management body - Direction de l'eau et de l'assainissement

Since 1st January 2006, the SPANC is responsible for:

  • overseeing the design and construction of new facilities.
    (Forms are provided to citizens to enable them to submit their applications to the service)
  • keeping an inventory of the non-collective sewage systems.
  • checking the operation of all the individual facilities (this service will be carried out every four years).

This service must be self-financed as it is part of the public industrial and commercial service. Three charges have thus been put in place.They correspond to the three services listed above.




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