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What is a "Pedibus"?

The “Pedibus” is a scheme whereby children are "picked up" and taken to school on foot, using volunteers. It operates in all weathers and picks up children at various points or stops along the way, in accordance with a pre-defined, fixed timetable. The aims of the pedibus are:

  • To reduce road traffic in front of the school and in that way reduce CO2 emissions
  • To give the children the opportunity to share an enjoyable moment together on this short walk
  • To teach the children to follow fixed timetables and allow them to arrive on time at school, to acquire independence and to better understand the dangers of the street.

A Pedibus for your school?

The Nature centre can assist you by providing organisational support (feasibility studies, meetings, establishing each person’s duties) and material support (signs, reflective waistcoats, umbrellas).

Vannes’ first pedibus, developed at the Françoise d’Amboise school (Ménimur) by the school’s management board and parent volunteers was a great success.The Françoise d’Amboise school has ensured that its two pedibus lines (A and B) will be a permanent fixture, with fixed signposting.

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Monday to Friday from 8h to 12h15 and from 13h15 to 18h.Saturday morning from 9h to 12h.



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Monday to Friday from 8h15 to 12h15 and from 13h15 to 17h.


Permanence of the state civil service, Saturday 9am to 12pm.Are given priority: the declarations of birth and death as well as passport applications (by appointment).


Saturday morning, home phone from 9h to 12h.