The harbour

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The new face of the harbour

Vannes town council launched the first tranche of the renovation and upgrading work on the port area in January 2007.
From January 2008 the banks of the port will have a completely new look, with a more aesthetic design while at the same time being more practical for port users: a comprehensive new landscape perfect for walks.

The new harbour area will come up to the expectations of people living nearby, drivers, boaters and visitors, whilst enhancing the property and architecture in the vicinity.
Various facilities will be built during the first stage of rehabilitation of the area.

  •     - A new harbour master's office
  •     - An underground car park under the Rabine
  •     - Two pavilions on the Rabine

Once renovated the two banks of the harbour will be transformed into attractive promenades bedecked with plants and bushes, etc..
The entrances to the harbour and the car parks have been organised so as to ensure that the people of Vannes are not disturbed during the work.



It began in December 2006 when the staff moved out of the old harbour master's office and into temporary premises, erected not far away on the right bank.
The old harbour master's office was then demolished at the beginning of January as it was on the land designated for the construction of the future underground car park.
The new harbour master's office will be built on the other bank, near to the DDE's (Morbihan Facilities Management service) offices. This building designed by Zublena-Cabanes-Peiffer, will have two floors. The ground floor (400 sq. m.) will be taken up by the different services (reception, offices, association offices, toilets, equipment room, etc.).
The first floor will be commercial premises (250 sq. m) occupied by a bar-restaurant. This area will have a large external terrace (150  sq. m.) extending out above the main entrance to the building.
The building will be completed at the end of 2007. The project will continue in the spring of 2008 with the landscaping work around this new public building. Eventually, a walkway will link the two banks of the harbour in line with the new harbour master's office. In the meantime, the present walkways will remain in use.
Cost of the work
harbour master's office: 1.8 million euros including VAT
landscaping work: 500,000 euros including VAT



The work began in January on the harbour. Excavation work has begun and will take three or four months to complete. During this period, the rubble will be taken away via the south of the town (in the direction of Auray). On this side of the harbour, and the left bank, no trucks or other heavy building equipment will be passing through the town centre and the traffic will not therefore be disturbed.
The future underground car park on the right bank, to be undertaken by Epolia group under the aegis of a delegated of public service, will be built on three levels. It will have a capacity of 397 vehicles. Its design and interior outfitting will be comparable with the characteristics of the République underground car park.

The parking spaces (length: 5 m, width: 2.40 m) will be organised in rows. There will be no posts to interfere with driving manoeuvres. This car park will be both spacious and pleasant (colourful and with background music), luminous (glazed doors and lifts will allow light through) and secure (video monitoring system). The vehicle entrances and exits (maximum height: 1.90 m) will be by access ramps giving onto the new roundabout at the bottom of rue Thiers.
Parking in this car park will cost €1.20 per hour when it opens (€0.60 per hour after the fifth hour). Subscriptions and leasing arrangements will be proposed. Completion of the car park is planned for January 2008 at the latest.
Cost of the work: 10.5 million euros.
The investment is to be borne by the building company (Omnipark, subsidiary of Epolia). Vannes town council is contributing 3.15 million euros. The car park will be returned to the town at the end of the delegation period, which will last for 30 years.


As proposed in the Zublena plans, the two banks of the outer harbour will eventually become two magnificent urban esplanades, offering wide areas for walking along the water front. Cars will not be allowed in this environment which will include lots of greenery and will be considerably more attractive.

After the excavation work and the building of the underground car park, new trees will be planted in October along the Rabine:
    - Left bank: ten trees will be cut down, and twenty new ones will be planted
    - Right bank: fifteen trees will be cut down, and forty new ones will planted
Wide grassed areas will be added to these planted areas and granite footpaths will be laid on the left bank.
On the right bank, the esplanade along the tidal dock will be covered along a 300 metre section (between the car park and the future "tourist pavilion"), with a wooden covering eight metres wide. This promenade will be lined with low limestone walls (which will also be topped with wood) allowing people to sit facing the dock.



Two pavilions will be built on the future promenade along the Rabine, on the right bank. These structures which will be similar in design, will each have a surface area of 350 sq. m. The first pavilion will be built above the southernmost end of the underground car park, and work will begin in September. It should be completed for the end of the year. This "culture and entertainment" pavilion will offer, amongst other services, a resource centre, a ticket office for shows and exhibitions and an exhibition room.
The other pavilion (located in line with the first) will be built opposite the harbour master's office on the left bank. It will be run by the Tourist office and will include a 120 sq. m. hall designed for public events.  



Car parking
574 free parking spaces will be available in the harbour area throughout the building works.

  • 180 spaces, on the right bank, at the end of la Rabine (zone temporarily open for free parking throughout the building works and for two years after the completion of the project).
  • 110 spaces, on the left bank, on the esplanade located behind the DDE buildings.
  • 69 spaces retained, on the left bank, along rue du Commerce and rue Ferdinand Le Dressay (pay spaces converted to free spaces during the building works).
  • 215 spaces, on the left bank, in the Capucins car park, rue Jaures.

Access for vehicles to the right bank of the Rabine
During the building of the underground car park, a temporary roundabout has been constructed near Place Théodore Decker, to allow trucks to come out of the site and light vehicles to gain access to the free car park on la Rabine.

Access for pedestrians to the right bank of the Rabine
During the building of the underground car park, to walk to place Gambetta from the Rabine, pedestrians can walk along the quay as usual. It should be noted that the footpath between the dock and the site fencing is three metres wide. This is sufficient to allow pedestrians to walk in both directions in complete safety.

Access to the Conservatory of Music
To allow easy and safe access to the conservatory of music, a drop-off point has been marked out in front of the building.

Kérino bridge

The operation of the tidal dock.

For Kérino bridge timetable and other information, cliquez-ici

Information regarding opening times
Operation of the bridge during tidal dock opening times is as follows:

  • From 15 June to 15 September as well as week-ends and public holidays throughout the year:

opening on request during the first and last half hour of the time slot. Opening every half hour in the interim period.

From 16 September to 14 June in the week:

  • opening on request during the first and last half hour of the time slot. Opening every half hour in the interim period.
  • The midday opening is brought forward by 10 min (11.50 am) except in July and August.


Waiting pontoons:
Two pontoons have been put in place to make it easier for boats waiting for the bridge to open: one is downstream and the other upstream of the bridge. They are strictly for waiting only. The opening times are displayed on the downstream waiting pontoon.

The entrance to the marina is controlled by means of a video system from the harbour master's office, but it is possible to contact the bridge operator by VHF radio on channel 9.

The tidal dock is kept at a constant depth of 2.10 m. However, the lock gate has a minimum height and boaters are advised to check the marker before crossing it.

Lock gate signals
two steady red lights and three steady green lights: do not pass
steady green lights: passage allowed
Rotating bridge signals

You must pass the bridge according to the marker lights on the central pile:

  • three steady red lights: do not pass
  • three steady green lights: passage allowed
  • three flashing lights passage will soon be forbidden or the direction of passage will soon change: only pass if you are already committed.

The marina

The marina, which is located in the town centre, is a tidal dock open according to the tide and entry/exit is dependent on the Kérino bridge being open.

Vannes marina is a tidal dock, kept at a minimum depth of 2.10 metres by a lock, that is open in accordance with the tides.   Access to the marina is dependent on crossing Kérino bridge, built on a channel downstream from the lock.

The marina has 230 berths, 170 of which are yearly contracts. It is possible to use the marina for wintering: contracts with a duration of several months are also offered to boaters. It should be mentioned that Vannes marina is very popular due to the weather conditions in winter, as it is particularly safe and well-protected.



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Permanence of the state civil service, Saturday 9am to 12pm.Are given priority: the declarations of birth and death as well as passport applications (by appointment).


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