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The abundance and topical nature of the information

On the site you will find a wide variety of information, organised under main headings. They take the form of articles (permanent information sheets or news), of a diary (all the public, sporting, cultural events), of directories (elected representatives, services, facilities and associations) or maps.

The content is updated continually by all the council departments, according to the fields they are responsible for. Some sections are also updated on the basis of information flows that are sent to us by the Communauté d'Agglomération du pays de Vannes (Vannes area urban planning department) or by national gateways.

This increases our responsiveness and enables us to post "up-to-the-minute" information constantly.

An efficient navigation system

To facilitate access to information, it was important to "code" the structure of the site and to provide an intuitive, efficient means of navigation, hence:

every heading has a colour code and visual identifiers

you always know where you are in the site ("you are here")

the pictograms have been designed to be as clear as possible

the search engine ensures unparalleled ease in finding the information you are looking for quickly.

Accessibility of the site for the disabled

Vannes internet site complies with the recommendations of the WAI*. In this regard, it conforms with the accessibility criteria. For us, this aspect was key.

* WAI: initiative by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) relating to the accessibility of the Web and the recommendation of technical solutions.

On-line services and interactivity

The site offers a virtual counter allowing you to carry out administrative tasks.

The on-line guide to administrative formalities explaining how to carry out certain tasks has already been available for a long time.

Today, and in the coming months, you will be able to gain access to electronic forms to apply for official documents or to request information. This will avoid travelling, queuing and will be much easier for everyone while making our administration and our procedures more modern.

The aim is to make administrative tasks as simple as possible by gradually introducing the idea of electronic counters available around the clock - 24/7.

Town plan and bird's eye views

For 10 years, the council offices have been equipped with a geographic information system (GIS) for their own purposes. We have extracted part of it to make available to you an interactive town plan that enables you to display, not just the overall plan of roads and buildings, but also the aerial views (Orthophotography 2006). The photographs were taken in September 2006.

You can locate your position from a specific address or from a particular point (building, site, park, etc.) The plan is linked to the site. It is therefore possible to locate certain data sheets while you are looking at the map. Finally, we have introduced a number of points of interest which are illustrated by certain characteristics, including a photo.

A gateway for all

Internet surfers can create their own personal accounts on the site. After registering their profile, this personalised space will allow them rapid access to their favourite sections. They will also be able to receive details of the main events relating to these selected sections by e-mail and will be subscribed to Vannes town council newsletter.

Vannes town council is among the most dynamic towns in France in terms of ICT –Information and Communication Technologies (@@@@ in 2006). It is reaffirming its desire to pursue this goal and through this site it hopes to meet your expectations and satisfy your requirements still better.

On behalf of myself and the council's new technologies service, I wish you a pleasant visit to!



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