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Number of inhabitants

Town 58,000 (estimation of the total population in 2004), 53,900 without double counting in 2004

Rise 1990/1999:

  • +13.4% the highest rate of growth of all towns in the West of France

Rise 1999/2004:

  • +4% (INSEE 2004) the highest rate of growth of large and medium-sized towns in Brittany

Agglomération around 136,500 in 24 districts (estimation 2005) environ

Rise 1990/1999:

  • + 15,1 %

Rise 1999/2005:

  • + 16 %

Prospects for future growth + 21 % between 2005 and 2015 i.e. 165,000 people

"Pays de Vannes" arena 181 434 (Insee 2002)
Prospects for future growth :

  • +28%, between 2000 and 2020 (INSEE 2004) i.e. almost 230,000 people in the Pays de Vannes area in 2020

Profile of newcomers to Vannes
53% come to Vannes to work, 26% to study and 12% to retire. The employment pool in Vannes is one of the youngest in Brittany.

Youth index

(ratio of under 20s to over 60s):

  • Significantly greater than the national average: 1.29 as compared with 1.15.

Number of students

  • 6,197, up 14% in 5 years

Vannes is home to the third biggest Breton university:

  • The Université de Bretagne-Sud


  • The inhabitants of the Pays de Vannes area have the highest net income per inhabitant of all the areas in Brittany (Insee 2002)

According to an IFOP survey published in 2000, 48% of Bretons would choose Vannes if they were going to move



Place Maurice Marchais

Tél. : 02 97 01 60 00



Monday to Friday from 8h to 12h15 and from 13h15 to 18h.Saturday morning from 9h to 12h.



7 rue Joseph Le Brix

Tél. : 02 97 01 60 00


Ouverture :


Monday to Friday from 8h15 to 12h15 and from 13h15 to 17h.


Permanence of the state civil service, Saturday 9am to 12pm.Are given priority: the declarations of birth and death as well as passport applications (by appointment).


Saturday morning, home phone from 9h to 12h.